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How can I track and reimburse my tech company’s expenses?


Whether your tech company is a week, a year, or a decade old, managing expenses is an important step in staying compliant and staying profitable. Especially once employees and contractors start spending money on your behalf, you need to make sure they’re spending wisely and backing it all up with a receipt. If not, you

What’s the best payroll software for my tech business?


Payroll is a vital yet frustratingly complex part of running your tech business. A poorly organized system can have far reaching impact, from cash flow, team morale, productivity and even profitability. It also goes beyond simply paying your team their salaries; with payroll, you’re acting as a tax collector for federal, state and local governments,

How do I know Walker Agency is a good fit for my business?

accounting agency

You’re looking for the perfect accounting agency. The trouble is, what makes an accountant perfect for one business owner can be an automatic dealbreaker for another. And while you’ve read all about the benefits of an outsourced accounting solution, you don’t have the time to “date” around to try and find the right match.  We’re

How to prepare your books for year-end

As the end of 2021 quickly approaches, it’s time to start getting ready to close your books. Proper preparation means you can step into the new year with confidence and save yourself a headache before fast approaching deadlines. When you work with us, your books are maintained on a monthly basis. WA completes a monthly

What does a controller do for my tech startup?

tech startup controller

In the early stages of your startup, hiring an internal accounting team is not your highest priority. When it’s just you, other founders, and a few vendors an outsourced bookkeeper will help ensure you remain tax compliant, freeing you up to focus on growth. But, as your business progresses, the demands of your finance functions become

Do I need to hire an accountant for my tech startup or is outsourcing a better option?

tech startup accounting

In all our experience working with startup founders, we know one thing for sure. You move fast, and you want your back office to move at the same speed you do.  Because of the world you operate in and your desire to scale rapidly, you’re looking for a modern, secure accounting process that’s going to

What can I reconcile?


The reconciliation process is the last step in the accounting process to ensure you’ve recorded everything properly in your money related accounts. Since most accounting entries run through bank accounts, reconciling is your final check to make sure you’ve accounted for the majority of your business transactions.  If done properly, the reconciliation makes sure the

Why do I need a monthly close?

monthly close

Timely review of your financials and a monthly close give insight into the health of your business and impacts planning. Addressing questions on transactions while their “fresh on the brain” saves you time and headaches when it’s time to turn the books over to your tax preparer. Whether you are the lone accountant or part