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Whether you need basic bookkeeping or a full accounting team, we’ll work with you to understand your needs and keep you moving forward.


  • Operations are just getting started. The founders are wearing many hats and starting to outsource key operational tasks like accounting.
  • Onboarding and Clean Up: We identify areas for improvement during the discovery phase of the relationship. Bookkeeping is corrected and the general ledger is brought up to date.
  • Monthly Bookkeeping: As you get ready for your first investors, WA maintains a simple set of books, takes care of your bills, runs payroll, and assists with invoicing. Your books are current and ready for the annual tax return.

  • Operations are ramping up. Your product is continuously improving and sales are picking up.
  • The monthly accounting is becoming more complex and investors are showing interest in the financials.
  • Your books should be kept on an accrual basis and accounting processes are becoming more complex.
  • A fractional CFO may start working with you.
  • Startups usually issue convertible notes as they prepare for a Series A round of funding.
  • At this stage, the cash runway is monitored very closely. Fume dates are projected monthly if not weekly.

  • A full-time CFO may join your team. They are charged with building out the finance department to get ready for a Series B round of funding.
  • The volume of accounting transactions is multiplying. You may need more than one accountant assigned to your account as invoicing, bill pay, and payroll become more time consuming.
  • WA’s team is available to the client and their employees on a daily basis.
  • The fractional controller participates in weekly management meetings and is available to the CFO during business hours as necessary.
  • In addition to the monthly close, budgeting and projection files are updated quarterly if not monthly.
  • Third party apps are introduced to assist with accounts payable approvals and expense report management.
  • WA assists the CFO in drafting accounting policies for internal controls.
  • WA works directly with your auditors to complete an initial review or
    audit required by 3rd party investors.
  • A data room may be established for another round of funding. WA assists with the accounting portion of the due diligence process.
  • You may issue another round of convertible notes, take on institutional debt, then complete a Series B round of funding.
  • The monthly close is completed in 5-10 business days to accommodate the CFO’s reporting obligations to the Board of Directors. Compliance reports may also be required for banks.

  • The finance department is filling out nicely. A departmental budgeting process is introduced. WA’s controller works directly with department heads to monitor and tweak budgets.
  • In addition to compliance functions, an internal billing department may be necessary. Revenue analysts are hired and the FP&A process is formalized.
  • Tax compliance is becoming more complex as sales increase in multiple states and employees are hired in new states.
  • A budgeting process is introduced by the CFO and WA’s fractional controller creates monthly “budget to actual” reporting packages.
  • WA works with your auditors and tax accountants for annual
    compliance requirements.
  • WA works closely with the CFO to monitor the capability of the outsourced accounting functions to grow with the company. A full-time controller may be necessary in this phase. Additional transactional help may be required.
  • The monthly close process is completed in a shorter period of time (usually 5-6 business days) to accommodate more robust reporting requirements for investors and the Board of Directors.


Dynamic founders are pulled in many directions. If you’re not using your numbers to run your business you could be running into all kinds of money surprises.

The most successful founders use their numbers to grow their business methodically, and at the right pace.


Whether you’re just starting out and need simple bookkeeping or you’re ready for a full accounting department, Walker Agency is here to help.

We help you refine your direction by weaving the right processes and technology into your business at each stage of your growth.

We become a part of your team and help you prepare for the next level in your business.


“Accounting isn’t easy”

That’s what we hear from new clients when they walk in our virtual door. You don’t need us to make complex accounting easy for you.

You just need to know what your numbers are telling you, so you can make informed decisions fast.

Let us take care of that for you.

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